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We offer good quality accommodation with host families living in close proximity to the daily meeting point and walking distance to the nearest underground station.  The minimum number of students per family is 2 and the maximum 4.  Teachers/Leaders or drivers are accommodated separately.

Host families are of a diverse cultural mix all of whom speak English fluently.  Home visits are carried out on all potential hosts to assess their suitability.

We can arrange airport transfer to and from the meeting point

For further detailed information on prices for hosting visiting groups or school children please Contact Us



Cinzia Gianvanni and Antonella Marchetti (Italy)

Dear Parents Freedom, here the two teachers from Rome, Gianvanni and Marchetti, leaders of Calamandrei student group. We are writing this mail to praise the great help that Marcia gave us in our London stay from 10 to 16 of April. She was very careful to satisfy our students' needs and her contact with the host families was perfect . This was not our first experience in London with study holidays, but it was certainly the first time we had such a great help in our job. We think she is very communicative, outgoing and efficient in her job and both students and Italian families were satisfied with her help and support. Best regards , Cinzia Gianvanni and Antonella Marchetti

Martina (Italy)

Dear Marcia,
Here is our report, which clearly tells you how much we appreciated your all-around- the-clock organisation.
Our stay this time has been my personal reconciliation with London and the Brits in general, after several very disappointing experiences in the past.
Had it not been for this time's mandatory order of my headmistress I would not have come again.
This is also you merit for which I thank you really very much.
Please give most of the families our thankful feedback, because their welcome was genuine and authentic.

I wish you also in the name of Gabriella ( who is in Poland with another group of students) and Emanuela all the very best for your enterprise to bridge this cultural exchange.

All the very best and my kindest regards