Host Accommodation

Host Family Accommodation (Homestay) is undoubtedly a cheaper alternative to live and study in England. It offers the opportunity to adjust quickly thus providing a better understanding of British culture in a relaxed and friendly environment. Our host families are vetted before student placement.

The Homestay Co-ordinator

  1. Arranges for a suitable homestay
  2. Meets and greets you on arrival and introduces you to your host family
  3. Provides you with a welcome package
  4. Monitors your homestay placement

The Host Family

  1. Helps you become familiar with your new surroundings
  2. Helps you to improve your English and adjust to British culture
  3. Provides practical advice
  4. Introduces you to a cultural mix of food

The Visitor

  1. Is courteous, respectful and willing to embrace the British culture
  2. Maintains cleanliness of their room
  3. Is responsible for their personal laundry
  4. Abides by the rules of the home
  5. Pays for all personal toiletries
  6. Pays for all telephone calls as instructed by the Host Family
  7. Is insured against any loss, damage or theft of personal items