Tomomi (Japan)

I was very happy for 4 weeks with your agency and staying in your house because you are really kind and interesting. Your house is comfortable for me so I will present your agency to japanese. I want to go and see your house again. I heartily thank you for your kindness


I'm very happy with my relationship with Students Paretns Freedom. The organization is very good, the house has been wonderful welcome. The family I was assigned was escepcional, educated, clean and always interested me that always feels good. I keep a pleasant memory of my host family. The relationship I had with the Manager of Parents Freedom has been wonderful, she's a friendly person and you can trust her, it is quite clear that the experience in such activities and gives you a very good support, was very interested in if you feel well and is very enthusiastic in their work.


Accommodation, work experience in a secondary school and hospitality. That's what Parents Freedom Agency offered me when I decided to do my work experience here in London and therefore it was my choice to engage Parents Freedom. I really enjoyed my 5 weeks with my host family and will probably never forget this time loaded with fun and experiencin the british way of life.

Nao (Japan)

I am art student from Japan and I wanted to know the education of the art in Britain. Parents Freedom Agency arrange a placement in a school for me. It was great experience for me. I thanked Marcia.

Wakana (Japan)

Dear Ms Marcia

Thank you for four weeks.  Homestay was in an instant for me.  I miss you and homestay.  I had thought that I'll get homesick when leaving Japan but I haven't got it.  I was happy everyday during homestay because you are kind and of a cheerful disposition so you eased my tension.  I have no words to express my gratitude.  I am looking forward to seeing you again.  Many many thanks.